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Sunday, October 28, 2012

under the hood

what's up with my scanner?  above is the same piece of paper as in the platen below

This leads from the tab keys to the mechanism up the back.  It unhooks, presumably to swing out of the way to remove the carriage.


  1. This thing just keeps on getting better and better! You should definitely try it out a bit for Nano. Seems like a fantastic, complicated desktop. I've always said about the Olympia SG1:

    "They make fantastic portables. But, consider that they did not have space restrictions: that they could make the typewriter as big as they wanted to. That is this typewriter, and it is fantastic."

    I imagine this also applies to this Olivetti!

  2. The moor I see the bottom of your M44, the more it looks similar to the bottom of my Lexicon 80E. The decimal tabulator linkages look the same to me. I wonder what else is similar between our two cousins?

  3. Peter, I recently found a M44 in the Citroen-Garage thrift store, and the serial number is stamped next to that screw-like thing in the top left corner of this picture - nothing like that on yours.

  4. Have you checked the inside of the keyboard yet? One of my typewriters has it's sn there, I looked for days to find it!


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