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Sunday, August 7, 2011

another busy weekend

We went on a long bike ride Saturday. I went Hyak to Olallie while my wife came up from Olallie and met me (and slow friends) more than halfway.

Completely unrelated, has anyone else tried the new Sharpie liquid pencil?  Maybe it's the paper I used or something.  One thing I like about pencils is that I can leave a mark with almost no pressure.  I tend to go for as soft a pencil as I can get for that reason.  this thing forced me to write larger and with more pressure than I wanted.  I did like being able to erase.


  1. I read the reviews when the Sharpie pencil came out and wasn't all that impressed with even the idea of it. As Mike Clemens said, it seems like a solution in search of a problem. I still thought I might eventually pick it up to play with, but...haven't yet.

    As I recall, most of the reviews noted the issues you experienced: it skipped, required more pressure than a pencil, and I believe ended up still be erasable after quite some time. Interesting concept, though.

  2. Gee, Rob, I can't say that that pencil sounds appealing, but you, sir, have very nice handwriting. And that's a dying art.

  3. My sincerest apologies, notagain! I had just navigated away from Rob Bowker's blog and got your names mixed up.
    And again, very nice handwriting you got there.

  4. No worries, and thanks for the compliment. You have a nice blog there, I'm meeting more people in the pencasting subculture who make their R's as I do. Have a nice trip!

  5. Yes, the Sharpie Liquid Pencil is abysmal. You have to keep it completely perpendicular to the paper, and then write extremely slowly. I think I'll stick to cuneiform in clay - much more user friendly.
    I wanted to love it, so much. Ah, well.

  6. Olallie? By coincidence I just tried my first olallieberry jam a week ago!

  7. A couple months ago, I threw my Sharpie liquid pencil against the wall in disgust after two minutes of trying to get it to write. NEVER AGAIN!

    Good thing I didn't try to snap it in two. Probably would have gotten messy.


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