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Friday, August 19, 2011

left on the shelf

I had a bunch of pictures from the week in shopping left on the phone, so it's time to share them.
this caught my eye - I had never seen a transparent plastic wedge before

I tend to take pics of electrics that are NOT wedges.  Here's a Royal

this Royal adder was next to the safari - adder, safari?  If it was a snake it would've bitten me!

couldn't get a non-reflective angle on these two.  The antique store wanted $265 for the Oliver and $69 for the Remington

Just saw this today, it fits in with the discussion elsewhere.  I would  enjoy playing with these but i don't need the heartache when they fail or I can't get parts, etc.


  1. Aha, that first one is a prison typewriter!

  2. Now you mention it I have heard of that!

  3. A prison Swintec *and* a TRS-80 Model 4D? Leaving them on the shelf took iron will, I bet! (:

  4. I wish they had manual typewriters with transparent casing. It would be a lot more interesting to watch what's going on!

  5. I missed seeing this post. That prison typer is something. Never seen one before.


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