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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hard hearted

somehow i failed to get a pic of the galaxie xii
but this one had the matching green platen

left this one in the bin still mildly interesting


  1. Hard hearted to post unreadable text! :D

  2. ahh, now I see it! (:

    I know the feeling. 60's SCM's are now on my "not buying" list. As is everything really, at least for now. Time to circle the wagons and not adopt any more strays.

  3. I know that feeling! Fortunately, I have been practicing my "hard heartedness" for a while now, so even though I have some lingering regrets about typewriters I passed up, at least I do not have a massively uncomfortable overstock situation - it could have been worse! Let me know how it goes (or if you have anything intriguing you could send my way :))


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