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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Underwood Champion

I didn't think to get a pic until I had rewound the ribbon.


  1. Man. I need to visit this magical place "The Bins". How does one get there? Is magical pixie dust involved?

    Great find.

  2. I'll bet the "seriously stuck" Clipper had WD-40 applied to it. That's very symptomatic. The good news is that it's a reversible problem. I bought myself a bottle of isopropyl alcohol from the pharmacy and a pack of cotton balls, and swabbed every surface of the SM3 that I found that had been WD-40'd into immobility. The alcohol dissolves away the gunk (keep it off the rubber parts) and evaporates quickly (do it outside if you can!)

    In more serious cases, you can use lighter fluid -- naptha -- but I always get nervous about rags spontaneously combusting when I use that stuff.

  3. For me, seeing the picture of that Underwood in the bin was a combination of "OUCH!" and "Hey, WOW!"

  4. Those bins are mysteriously full of treasures. I wish we had bins here. The lack of them is painful! D:


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