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Friday, August 12, 2011

Rescued: Olivetti Praxis 48

thanks to Ned on the Yahoo group i found the SN.  It's 5236049, 1971 I think...
I think I saw in the TYPEWRITERS group that Jay has cords for these? If correct that's another point in its favor.

Hey there's a sticker for this week's theme!

If you found this in your thrift store would you keep it?

Not hooked up right - there are two arms still to be reconnected


  1. I passed one of these up at the thrift a couple of years ago. Now I wish I'd brought it home just to have an interesting couple of hours checking it out. The keys really are downright weird!

  2. Fairly lucky find! They look very cool. The only one I've ever seen before (another website somewhere) was missing its cord as well.

    I would take it if I lived down the street and around the corner.

  3. If I was to hold one electric in my collection it would be this for design, the 5TE for history or a Selectric only because I have supplies for it.

  4. It really is a fascinating looking thing, isn't it? Almost looks like an artistic sculpture of a typewriter rather than an actual functional machine. I don't think I could have left it behind, either.

    That said, I don't have electrics. Though there's still a part of me that's holding out for a Selectric, even though they scare me. (It's the hummmmmm.)

    Hope it finds a happy home!

  5. I think everybody ends up falling for a Selectric eventually. The font golfballs suck you in.

    (personally, for some reason I picked up a bunch of font elements just because it was $5 for the bag. Later, when I found the matching Selectric, $7.99 was too low a price not to pick it up.)

  6. The Praxis is so ugly that it is beautiful. It looks like something that would have been in a science fiction B-movie back in the day. The green keys are making me slightly seasick...

  7. Two comments have captured my perspective exactly - "looks like an artistic sculpture of a typewriter" and "so ugly it's beautiful." The green keys seem to float rather than be physical objects. It's really growing on me. I'm going to get lots of pics before sending it off.


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