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Monday, August 1, 2011

Can't win 'em all

Here we have the thrill of victory...

and the agony of defeat.

 I never did find the former contents.

If anyone knows any sewing machine collectors those are all over the place!


  1. Olympias have such distinctive cases - you mst have searched high and low for the missing machine!

  2. Join my new club!

    This has happened to me twice this summer, both times the cases -should- have contained typewriters I am wanting quite a bit.

    Well actually it makes me feel a little better now since that was an -Olympia- you missed... mine were two different Smith-Coronas.

  3. I even asked the other patrons. no luck at all.

  4. My sympathies. Hopefully you picked up the case just by chance a case-less SM-3 or 4 shows up, right?

  5. No, the line was too long and I had to get home. I'll probably try later this week and see if it's there.

  6. The exact same thing happened to me just a month ago! I rushed towards a distinctive Olivetti Lettera case - silver and black, so undoubtedly containing a Lettera DL/ 33 - and it was empty. I bought the case anyway and now it fits our Lettera 22 perfectly (its case was a mess so we threw it out). It still stung though, especially as I've been lusting after the sleek lines of an L33 for months.

  7. Ouch indeed. I would go back for the case: some of them haven't aged well. The reminds me to photograph the SM3 case that the previous owner covered in flat, gray paint. Ugh.

  8. The SM3 cases are great. I think they remind me of batman. But does anybody know what they're made of? Is it some sort of wood, or something artificial?

  9. I think it turned out to be plywood with a beech veneer? ask Rob at typwriter heaven, he refinished one. It came out very striking.


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