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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

not so many stickers

I only found a couple of stickers to display still in the collection.  I know that LFP has one from Ohio on her SM9, and I suspect I've sent my Tacoma one out of town :-[ but I will keep looking.
But here are the few I did find only one typewriter company, one seller, and one protection racket.

on the back of the oldest Classic 12 I have.

On my Aristocrat - I wonder if they could still trace it?

you've seen this recently, probably in better focus. J2


  1. Typewriter Protection Racket LULZ.
    So, where could one view a picture of this LFP Ohio-Centric decal? Inquiring Buckeye-State Minds want to know.

    Love the script font.

  2. the picture linked below was from an early post. I gave Little Flower Petals the machine on the left, and you can make out the sticker front and center. She should post a close-up if she feels like participating.


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