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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The reveal

I'll scan this whole thing  if anyone wants it.

Underwood 21

Since I have the 44 in the same script font that I like a little better I'm thinking of using this as trade bait for a Lettera 32.  Is anyone game for that?

the only appearance of the Olivetti name is inside the case

look what followed me home!  does anyone want to adopt little Ettore?


  1. oooh, nice font! I don't seem to have remembered to write down the serial number of the 21 I found, but here's the main mention of it on my blog. I dated it to 1966 based on some guesswork about TW-DB's numbers, but you will prolly need to contact Magic Margin to get the serial number.

  2. Peter, congratulations! What a great find and cursive at that.

  3. I'll check the serial on my Olivetti-Underwood 21 and let you know. I should have recognized the case but I thought of the odds against me and gave up.

    I would like to claim the Praxis 48, if I may. I bought one new and then sold it a couple years later before I noticed the future. I thought computers would be the future. Silly.

    My Praxis did not have a case, just a cardboard box; I don't think any of them came with a case.

    Thanks for the memories. Oh, give me a back-channel email address if you need my shipping address.

  4. Pretty cool, can't wait to learn the serial. The Praxis is HEAVY and has no cord. I was able to kludge one and type on it. There will be a typecast from it soon. It's a nice typeface.

  5. OK, here's what I have: olivetti underwood / 21 with the same label and colors as the one on MOLG and serial number 731360. Made in Barcelona.

    Now, here's a puzzle for you (and everybody):
    In every other typewriter that I have noticed, the key-typebar linkages are neatly arrayed in order, but on this one the X and the E links cross each other (at the point right under the type at rest). Is yours like that? What’s that all about, anyway? Those are not characters whose position changes according to language, like the Y and Z of English and German keyboards (and those aren’t adjacent anyway). Did some engineer screw up? Is there a purpose to it that I don’t recognize? Now are you puzzled, too?

    Michael Höhne

  6. Ettore is delightfully 1970's. I am enjoying the Classic 12, thanks again.

  7. I'm so glad you're enjoying it! There's a new post up about Ettore.

  8. Michael - I will take a look at the 21 and compare with the 44 when I get a chance. You are still top of list on the Praxis but email me your location (and your shipping spending limit lol). email in next typecast.

  9. I looked and didn't see the crossing you describe. I may have been looking in the wrong spot. I'll look again. Do you have a blog? you should ask the question there with pics.

  10. Could you email a scan of the manual to me? My email is

  11. I've been using my 21 for almost a whole year now. The only complaint I have is the shape of the keys. My fingers tend to slip.


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